Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MaNiC mOnDaY

I had to go to my moms to show her the pictures below - I'm such a news reporter :) hahaha! I just love to take pictures! She also got to appear in my lovely video :) of Bell & Cousin Maggie playin around.
On my way home from work yesterday I spotted SMOKE... I just had to see what it was. There was a hillside smoking and another hot spot being put out just a little further East. I drove down to the hillside eventually - I wanted to know what was burning, house or what? Thank Goodness it was just the hillside. It didn't appear to damage anything else. Them people that live where this happened better get off their lazy arses and get rid of that dried up brush behind their homes otherwise cigarette flickers are going to cause another fire - POSSIBLY WORSE NEXT TIME!

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  1. the new season of weeds comes out on dvd june 2. (and there is a new season starting on showtime on june 8, i think, but i don't have tv...) so excited! :)


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