Friday, May 29, 2009

My Month of may in 1 blog :)

Lump on my eye from Bell charging me and NOT stopping! my little doggy..
this here is Shyanne. My moms Mini Schnauzer. She has a FASCINATION with putting her nose against anyone that will let her!
she always gives TOO MANY kisses, but she's a cutie kick dog!
My new Darkness sister - Maggie. She's the outside dog @ moms house! Bell LOVES to go to Grandma's house and play w/her Cousin Maggie...
When I first arrived @ Dog Beach on Memorial Day - I saw this woman sitting w/her daughter and dog - with flowers in the sand.. I thought that was very sweet!
this adorable little bulldog had something wrong w/his hip. Had to but he stole my heart (might be a girl sorry if so little doggy I cant remember)
and of course, this Surfing dog caught the attention of all on the beach! This dog was surfing better than most people I saw out this day!
Switching it up to Makua - I dog sit this little pup! She loves her Auntie Kim
Kalima, giving me a silly look. She's too much!
Nani playing a little game of, "put your right foot in and you shake it all about...."
high five girlfriend! Nani is a dancing queen!
Kalima begging me please please please do not gooooooooooooo...
outside girl Gretchen that I also dog sit. There are 4 dogs total and I love them as if they were my own. Even the kick dogs ;) .. lol
Gretchen is ALWAYS giving loves if I get down to her level!
Now - Sea World, this ride Journey to Atlantis. HOLY HELL IT'S MY FAVORITE for Sea World!
Us on the ride - getting ready for the second big drop off! Myself, Bobby Hailey and Nate!this lil fishie wanted to be in my picture apparently - it wouldn't leave the glass so here it is!
my boyfriends son Nate got picked for the dolphin show - below is a video of him playing a game with a Pilot Whale. How amazingly fun would it be to be that girl in the water.. WOW!
PASSING BY the kids saw these little babies, caught the photo & it came out super pretty I saved it as a background for my work computer.. (if you wanted to know LOL)
back to dog beach - this was on Tuesday after work I just arrived to have this dog the woman is holding biting @ my dogs neck. If you are a dog lover and protective like I am - you'd understand my frustration with this woman. She stood there until everyone had a hold of their dogs BUT HER. Finally after everyone crowding around her telling her she needed to go because her dog was too agressive she grabbed her dog. Saying how her dog is really nice, etc.. WOMAN - GO HAVE ANOTHER DRINK. When your dog is BITING other dogs - THERE IS A PROBLEM!
the classic "OH NO YOU DIDN'T" look - coming from my girl Bell.. she's so funny!
My love and I. We've had a wild month of May. 2 bad incidents @ dog beach w/irresponsible dog owners, but everyone is fine and we aren't going to let 2 bad dogs kill our good times!
Bell isn't either - she's telling me here, "it's okay mom ~ I'll run super fast and get away from them bastard dogs"

First Video is of Nathan playing a game with the Pilot Whale. Second Video is a dog surfing S.D. O.B. DOG BEACH!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Week End @ Sea World

The birds are just so pretty and dainty lookin', I read that these birds are pink because they eat shrimp. Did you know that?...These bad boys were the highlight of my day @ Sea World. Feeling them and feeding them.. SOOO AWESOME!SHAMU IS JUST THE SHIT - WONDER HOW THAT FEELS SURFIN' ON A WHALES BACKI BELIEVE!bOBBY AND i IN FRONT of the whacky mirrors.. idk what this one did but... here it is :)
My love and I.... Good times
Yah- SHARP TOOTH... EEEEEEEEEEEEKSaFTER JUST watching JAWS... this just freaked me out.. Loved them.... these are some noisy suckers when they get hungry :) ... video below...
Shamu show was great as usual. Amazing that a human can teach a whale of this size ANYTHING... way too cool!

These guys were sooo funny - "FEED US NOW"

Thursday, May 14, 2009

WeDnEsDaY bEaCh WiTh BeLl & SuMmEr

I finally talked one of my friends into coming to dog beach with me..... SUMMER!
I know she didn't have as much fun as me. Heck I'm not even sure if I have more fun than Bell. :) Nothing like getting out of the house and just walking on the beach - then adding dogs and their personalities - I LOVE SAN DIEGO DOG BEACH!
So proud of Bell to share her water dish! Sharing is Caring afterall!
Summer and I decided it was perfect time to snap a couple quickie shots before the dogs come back and practically run us over with their crazyness...Leapin' Bell - she cant seem to stay still for a minute.. I just love her agility lolSo many surfers out tonight I couldn't resist this shot... always with the OB PIER!BELL LOVES THE SALTY SANDY LICKS


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

MaNiC mOnDaY

I had to go to my moms to show her the pictures below - I'm such a news reporter :) hahaha! I just love to take pictures! She also got to appear in my lovely video :) of Bell & Cousin Maggie playin around.
On my way home from work yesterday I spotted SMOKE... I just had to see what it was. There was a hillside smoking and another hot spot being put out just a little further East. I drove down to the hillside eventually - I wanted to know what was burning, house or what? Thank Goodness it was just the hillside. It didn't appear to damage anything else. Them people that live where this happened better get off their lazy arses and get rid of that dried up brush behind their homes otherwise cigarette flickers are going to cause another fire - POSSIBLY WORSE NEXT TIME!