Tuesday, June 9, 2009


After DOG BEACH with Bell. Bobby & I came out to La Jolla. Wow was it freakin' BEAUTIFUL out! ~*~ This Sea Gull was guarding this portion of the sand. Everytime another bird would land in this area - THIS SEA GULL chased them off... QUITE ENTERTAINING!
Here he is... making his move all non chalantly (sp?) to let this guy know to BEAT IT!!!
This view was too much - we had to go in the water. It was so pretty and clear (compared to dog beach that is :p). Unfortunately I didn't bring my waterproof camera to play in the water with. Next time we go, WATERPROOF CAMERAS AND FLOATIES ARE COMING W/US :) .. I want an innertube or something to play on out there..
This man & his son kept playing in the sand ~ the video below shows the water coming up and covering where they were digging! Too much excitement!
OKAY - THIS WATER IS HELLA DEEP AT TIMES. You can see the guy diving into the wave and chick running @ it. I was out behind the wave when Bobby and I went out to play. Those waves come up and you CANNOT touch the ocean bottom, YES MY EYES GOT SUPER HUGE DURING THOSE TIMES especially when the water was taking me back into the ocean. I had to wait for the next wave to bring me back in. It only took seconds for that to happen but I WAS SCARED FOR A MINUTE :) .. LOL
wipe out! lol... I got taken down by one of the waves too - Bobby grabbed my arm so I didn't go tumbling onto the shore. I still got a little ouchie on my leg from the rocky sand as my A$$ dragged on the ground.
Friendly Lifeguard talking w/someone atop the beach. Check out those houses. How fun to live RIGHT THERE! WOW! I'm not jealous.. LOL
I didn't jump off the rock - but a lot of kids and adults kept doing it. I dont want to slip and bust my head on that ish! with my luck I'd probably do it! Had to show it to everyone though - it's just so damn nice out here!
there they go....
Leaving the beach - we'll MOST DEF. be back!! Hopefully next week end if it's nice enough!


  1. Beautiful beach - sounds like you are enjoying yourselves a lot out here!
    Hugs xo

  2. Ho incredibly beautiful. Any chance one of those houses are available for rent??

  3. ...wow, gorgeous beaches. makes me a bit jealous! wishing so bad i could feel the sand between my toes. xo, mickey

  4. wish i was there. it's been nothing but RAIN here on the east coast. (but no thunder and lightning. boo) :(


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