Thursday, July 2, 2009

I get by with a little help from my FRIENDS... & furfriends too

Please help Stella ~
(I dont normally post things like this as I feel I'm begging. But in this particular case with 6 month old Stella who has severe hip dysplasia in both legs and a bum paw in the front she's in need of a lot of help!...) CLICK PHOTO TO BIGGIFY
for more information - Please go to either Jen, Riptide & Tempest's blog @ or my dog Bell's blog @ I got this idea to post Stella's flyer from Jen (just giving credit where credit is due...) I'm really praying for little Stella, she's had an unfair start but with a LITTLE HELP FROM HER FRIENDS and OF COURSE, THE WONDERFUL MOMMY SHE HAS THAT TOOK HER HOME ONE DAY. I think she'll be just fine as a teen and adult doggie.
Thank You
Kimberly <3>


  1. We just can't believe the price of vet bills! In the UK there are some charitable organisations that would perhaps help in the circumstances.
    Things like the PDSA who gather funds from the public through the year with things like charity shops selling xmas cards/calendars etc.
    We see these posts for dogs in different countries and always think there should be something similar there.
    We will visit the link.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. Tank woo sharing Stella's story with us...

    I'll see if I khan snag any of Mom's green papers!



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